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Kazi Nisar Ahmed & Company since 1980. Company is highly committed for efficient and timely completion of the task assigned by public and private sector clients besides striving towards developing congenial manage mental system that will contribute towards sustainable and friendly environment for early completion of the projects.

Vast technical expertise and engineering knowledge in construction of public buildings, highways, water supply and sewerage projects, technical team of specialist to ensure the best possible performance of projects to preserve the environment as well as explore new opportunities to share company’s experience and knowledge for the benefit of customer and client in particular sewerage and water supply issues.

Construction of Infrastructure development works i.e. water supply line, Sewerage, Storm Water, Special Structures, Buildings, Highways, Water Supply and Drainage Works.

A team of experienced professional engineers and qualified technicians with knowledge of construction management, building, codes, highway engineering, American and British codes / standards for water supply and sewerage works the company ensures high quality environment practices in design and construction

Accredited with license of Pakistani Constructor by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) since 03 last years in Category C-B with field of Specialization CE-01, CE-02, CE-04, CE-09, CE-10.